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The Founder:

Takamiyagi Hiroshi was born in Okinawa on January 30, 1940. As a youth he trained in Goju-Ryu, and in 1961, was accepted as a student of Nakamura Ankichi (Shuri-Te) in Chatan, Okinawa. Takamiyagi Sensei continued to train with Nakamura Sensei for 25 years, and was awarded Kyoshi title.

In the early 1980's, Takamiyagi Sensei began exploring the roots of Okinawan Karate, and began training in WuZhuQuan/Five Ancestor Fist Kung Fu. His studies brought him to Singapore to train with Koh Nai Keng Sifu, and to the Phillipines to  train with Alexander Lim Co Sifu.

Takamiyagi Hiroshi 1986





                                                                                                                                                           The Origins:

In 1986, Takamiyagi Sensei began calling his dojo the Go Shu Kan: Go- for the Five Ancestor Fist influence, Shu- for the Shuri-Te influence and the core of the style, and Kan- the house/place  where the system is being taught.  He began teaching the two arts of Shuri-Te and Wu Zhu Quan side by side, keeping the principles, and training methods seperate yet complimentary. This was the birth of Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu.  Over the years, he has continued to train and research the roots of Okinawan Karate, and to share his art with all who are willing to learn.

The Growth:

The main governing body for Goshukan-Ryu is Takamiyagi Sensei's 'Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate-Do Rokyukai'. All ranking and licensing of Instructors and Shibu-Cho worldwide are issued under this authority.
  In 1999, the first authorized and sanctioned Goshukan-Ryu Karate dojo was opened in North America by Garry Parker- the first American promoted to black belt in Goshukan-Ryu by Takamiyagi Hanshi.

The governing body for North America is Garry Parker's "International Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate Association". All ranking and licensing of students through 4-Dan in North America are issued under this authority and recognized by the Honbu Association in Okinawa.